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Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

Food intake is an important factor for healthy skin rather than using a trending skincare product. You need to ensure two things in order to attain the best natural glow on your skin. First of all, make sure to include more water to your diet. Secondly, you have to include green leafy vegetables in your diet.

For keeping your skin healthy and ever glowing, you need to strictly follow some food habits. Here, we are proposing some incredible food options that can really make a difference in the way how your skin looks.

1. Avocado

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

It protects the health and thickness of the cell membrane of the skin. It has the ability to heal the skin of any burn or inflammation. It consists of Vitamin E, B6, and C which can keep your skin ageless.

2. Sunflower Seeds

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

Sunflower seeds are commonly known to protect your skin against any kind of sun damages. Sunflower seeds are also used for various other health beneficial causes such as improving the nervous system. These seeds are good sources of complex vitamins, mono-saturated acids which help in fading away from the blemishes on the skin. These are natural antioxidants that remove radicals of your body.

3. Pomegranate

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

Pomegranate is an important ingredient in the natural remedy for healthy and glowing skins. It is rich in antioxidant properties can be credited as one of the reasons behind it. It helps in increasing collagen production that makes the skin soft and supple.  It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Pomegranates can easily peeled and consumed as it is. Another way is to make a paste out of it, mix with aloe vera and apply it over sun-burn skin in order to heal it naturally.

4. Walnut

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

Though the Walnuts are rich in fatty acids, walnuts can bring a natural glow to your skin within a few weeks of consumption. Walnuts are also readily available in the market and can be eaten daily as raw and unprocessed. These are rich in antioxidants that flush out free radicals of the body and are good sources of healthy fats that keep up the health of the cell membrane intact.

5. Extra Virgin Olive oil

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

If you are using the wrong kind of oil to cook food items, you are unknowingly minimizing the goodness of those foods. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. We can check how it is even useful for your skin ?
It is free of any undesirable impurity that affects the health of the skin.
It consists of saturated fat which keep your skin healthier.

6. Dark Chocolate

Best foods to keep your skin Healthy

Dark chocolate has proven benefits for your skin which is why various beauty parlors have “chocolate facial’ and chocolate clean-up in their service list.
Here are some benefits of dark chocolates;
It produces nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels and purifies it thoroughly.
It protects skin against sun and other damages caused by pollution.

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